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The Centre offers many rare courses such as: musical composition, poetry, Indian classical dance, body in motion, contemporary Brazilian dance, Indian and Western classical music, music and electronic production and children's development space.

In addition to the production of cultural events and artists, we produce informative materials such as publications, magazines and study material. Along with the school we produce outstanding students in your area. Natya Brazil has its own recording studio structure for audio and video production, as well as artistic cultural exchange with international visiting artists.

We offer consulting in various areas such as creative economics, project development, interculturalism, as well as personal and professional coaching, providing career management, with our production structure and experience in international project development .




-Producer: Natya Brazil, as a producer, aims to produce and promote events, shows, artists and informational materials that are in line with the principles of what can be considered Natya, Arts.


- Education: As an international Centre, we offer an integrated educational center that addresses and connects various aspects of qualification and the pursuit of the deeper meaning of human life. The courses are offered for all age groups, from infancy to senior citizens - passing through the Arts, Philosophy, personal and professional coaching.


- Technics to development of career : Due to the vast cultural and artistic experience, we offer consultancies to plan and grow your career, with a deep philosophical base.


- Exchange: The cultural aspect of Natya Brazil centre offers the opportunity for international exchange for studies and even performances of the students.

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